Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Idea of Korean Reunification?

In the wake of the war breakout between North Korea and South Korea, I came across an article in TodayOnline, highlighting the idea of the Korean reunification. As I am the one who goes for peace and stability, I decided to give my brief, personal analysis of the effectiveness of Korean reunification.

  • Increase in overall power in terms of military and economy.
  • A step towards world peace and stability.
  • Tons of differences and conflicts to consider. (eg. Culture, Economy, Politics, Ideology)
  • Discrimination may arise as a result of unifying of both govermnents as one.
  • Cost about a few trillions to reunify both governments, even beyond the economic ability of South Korea.
A formal handshake, taken from

Personally I will be more than happy to welcome this miraculous move, but according to my pros and cons analysis, the cons obviously outweigh the pros. My analysis shows why there has been only little development of reunification over the years. Therefore, I think that all related parties (Both Koreas, Japan, USA, China and Russia) should try to work out as many solutions as possible to bridge the large differences of both North Korea and South Korea.

I feel that these are a few methods the six related parties can do to achieve reunification:
  • All six parties should try to fund the extremely expensive cost of reunification as much as possible.
  • All six parties should try to deeply understand the benefits of going democracy and propogate the idea to the world.
  • Both North Korea and South Korea should be willing to make a fair and certain level of compromisation.

However, judging that things are going currently, the idea of reunification might seemed to be more and more of a distant dream. For us, we can only pray for their brighter future.

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